Friday, June 29, 2012

Going for Baroque

Yesterday's Rome wanderings included some of that city's extraordinary baroque churches.  Chiesa Nuova or Santa Maria in Vallicella is a particularly busy example of no surface goes untouched.
Christ gets a little lost in the altar.
A small portion of the ceiling (there's a church term for ceiling, but you get my gist).
Another view of the altar
Although this church photographs well, the overall effect was a bit overwhelming -- I couldn't help but thinking that this was the era when even the church lost its faith and depended on power and control to awe the masses.  You can feel the faith and belief in most gothic and early renaissance churches, but I couldn't feel it here.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rome, baby!

Taken with my iPhone just hours ago.  Landed in Rome after 24 hour journey: car to train to bus to plane to bus to plane to train to taxi to hotel. 

Walked across the Castel Sant' Angelo bridge, with its Bernini angels.
Admired more Bernini sculpture at Piazza Navona.  Had first of daily gelatos -- cocco e melone. 

Visited every church that was open.  Not only is each one spectacularly beautiful and ornate, but they are cool and you can sit there as long as you like!  Rome is hot and short on benches...Have had spaghetti carbonara twice, and lots and lots of water, con gas.

Tomorrow the workshop group gathers in Orvieto and we begin our Umbrian adventure!