Friday, September 30, 2011

Portrait Session: Henry & Sam

A good friend of mine commissioned me to take photos of her husband and son.  Seems he is the family photographer, so he is rarely in the photos!  We spent about an hour together.  Sam, the beautiful, very photogenic toddler, has been watching way too many episodes of Next Top Model -- every time he heard the camera click, he changed poses. His dad realized that what Sam really wanted to do was go out and play, so I followed them as they kicked the ball around.  Sam is quite passionate about his soccer!  Finally caught the two of them as they rested under a tree.  The key to success:  keep shooting!  The action was changing quickly, and I knew if I kept clicking I would get some lovely spontaneous shots that showed the little guy's lively personality and the trusting bond between father and son.  

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