Monday, May 14, 2012

Capturing a Full Moon

Full moon from my back yard
A couple of Saturdays ago, we had an unusually gigundous full moon.  Like many others, I took my camera out to record it.  The moon was exceptionally bright -- so bright that, as a highlight, it was completely blown out - no detail.  Fortunately, we had an interesting cloud cover moving in and out.  I used that to bring the moon light darker as in the image below, but, as you can see, the moon was just too powerful for a Nikon.  Not too surprising -- the moon reflection is actually sunlight.  This was taken in my back yard in Wappingers Falls NY -- the house is my neighbor's house, which is almost identical to mine.  I live in a row of attached houses - 2 houses abutted together -  built around 1890 for executives of the Bleachery, a quarter of a mile away along the banks of Wappingers Creek.  TMI?

This is my dark and stormy night moon shot.

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