Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Views of Orvieto Duomo, Italy

Orvieto, a medieval town that rises from the plain on a base of tufa, is just an hour out of Rome but another world.  The duomo (cathedral) at Orvieto is reknowned for its grandeur and beauty.  This iPhone shot adds a golden tone, but the structure is banded with white and black, giving the facade almost a modern look.
Detail of facade of Orvieto Duomo, Italy

Early morning light on facade of Orvieto Duomo

Steeple of Orvieto Duomo in morning light


  1. i love the textures in these. I've never seen you play so much with the horizontal lines of a thing....they're really interesting shots, almost edgy in their own way. :)

    Hope you are having fun.

  2. Love the pictures of Rome. I love all of them!