Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cemetery Faces

While waiting for a friend to get his prescription filled in Fishkill, I wandered across the street to the Dutch Reformed Church cemetery.  The church is one of the oldest in the county, dating from the 1770s; the cemetery gravestones are in remarkably good condition, and some of the inscriptions are in Dutch.  I found a book that lists all the inscriptions, if you're interested:  Anyways, I was totally intrigued by the angel faces on the tombstones.
Isn't she cute? In Dutch.  And what's with the 6 triangles on the head?  A crown? A tiara?

Love the curls and the jowls.
She has a nice hairdo also.
This one's much grimmer.
Another Dutch gravestone, with chubby cheeks.
This way to heaven.

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