Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Images of the Day: Beacon NY Waterfront

When Rita Pignato, a wonderful photographer, visits me, we always go out and photograph around the Hudson River.  We were running a bit late - no time to drive too far -- light wasn't wonderful -  so we went down to the Beacon waterfront to see what we could see.  We didn't walk more than 50 yards in all -- we found plenty to compose - water/trees/logs/rocks/clouds.  The basics. 

The color at mid-afternoon was subdued -- definitely not the golden hour. So as I worked on this, I kept to a neutral palette, except for the bottom photo, which I'm not sure I like...

Hudson River, looking at Hudson Highlands, Beacon, NY
Hudson River, Beacon NY waterfront.
Hudson River, Beacon NY waterfront

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  1. Nice. The bottom photo is actually my fave. :D