Saturday, February 26, 2011

Are you feeling lucky?

Photographers quickly realize that to get that special image you have to have your equipment at hand, you have to be there -- and then you have to get lucky. 

My friend Rita and I were wandering through a small Tuscan town -- don't know which one -- and we always made it a point to enter any church or chapel that might be open.  This particular one was pitch black, too dark for photography, except for this glorious slanting light coming through the stain glass window on the side. 
Rita and I whipped out our cameras and spent probably a half hour there taking the shot from angles, various exposures (just to be sure).  I love how the light caresses the figures, highlighting the action taking place, and how you can just make out the cherubs above the crucifix. 

This was not a famous church -- just a local one for the neighborhood -- but typical of Tuscany -- each town has its gems.

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  1. I love the photo in the church! Thank you for sharing!
    Karin Lancellotti