Thursday, December 29, 2011

The View from Above

Every December I fly to Wisconsin to celebrate Christmas with my brother and his family.  Every year I try to get a window seat -- I love to view the landscape from above.  This year the flight times, the light, just didn't work.  But last year was wonderful.

I'm particularly fascinated viewing the midwest from above.  The Northwest Territory was divided in 160-acre plots, and that geometry still rules the countryside.
The Midwest farm grid, with snow.
The Hudson Highlands look quite different.  The highlands are the remains of a very very very old mountain chain and over time have been worn down to, comparatively, a nub.
The Hudson Highlands, with the Hudson River at the very top  (sort of a pink beige color)
Hudson Highlands, on the way to Newburgh NY.  The line is a road in the valley.

Beacon NY meets the Hudson River, looking south.

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