Sunday, January 8, 2012

Basque Country Photo Tour: Let's have fun this year

Basque in the Light: A Photography Walk through the Basque Country
Lace up and snap to it! We've got plenty of shots to take! Join us on our Special Photography Walk through the fabulous Basque Country and explore Bilbao's ultra modern Guggenheim, the glamour of San Sebastian, century-old shepherd footpaths, and the vineyards of the La Rioja wine region!
And you won't have to be a pro, as two professional instructors, Mary Ann Glass and Christine Irvin will give you a hand with your shots! Whether you are looking to improve on your lighting, angle, or perspective, we'll help you bring it all into focus.  Our trained eyes will give you insights and ideas to create professional photos.
And it doesn't end in the Basque Country! Our best photos will be published in a book, and exhibited at the RiverWinds Gallery (  in Beacon, New York at our Basque in the Light Photo Event in 2012!  
April 15-21, 2012    2,500 EUR
For the itinerary, check out the Fresco Tours website (link below)
(The 3-mile walk planned for a couple of days is optional:  if you prefer, you can take the van instead.)
To sign up for the tour: 
 Please feel free to contact me with any questions/concerns:

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