Thursday, August 9, 2012

Melissa and Roslyn Get Married

A month or so ago, I received an email from Melissa in Perth, Australia, asking me to photograph her Manhattan wedding with Roslyn at the City Hall.  Receiving an emphatic "yes!" from me, we met at the City Hall in downtown Manhattan one Friday at noon.  Same sex marriages are not yet legal in Australia so they decided to tie the knot in New York. 
That's Roslyn on the left, Melissa on the right.

What a great place to get married!  I had a blast waiting for them (I got there early).  Brides, grooms, family of all persuasions milling around.  Same sex couples and mixed sex as well (is that the right term? oh well)  The process is efficient and pleasant; the energy was buzzing.  Just lots of happy excited people!  They even offer bouquets at the gift store, in case you forgot to get one on the way.  The Aussies have an interest in architecture, so we used one of City Hall's art deco elevators for a few pre-nuptial portraits.
Roslyn, looking quite elegant.

Melissa, likewise.

Waiting, on one of the long green couches
So you sign in, and take a number.  When it's called, you go to a desk and fill out forms.
Papers are signed, ID's checked, (I was signed in as the Witness! a first for me). Then you wait to be called for one of the two chapels.  In the anteroom is another green couch...
The ceremony lasts a minute.  Does anyone protest? the vows, the rings, the kiss.  The essential elements. 
The Vows
The Rings
The Kiss
The Happy Tears
Then the official photo in front of this large mural of City Hall - very cool.

And the celebration begins!
The whole process was about an hour; the city charges a nominal fee.  The venue is handsome, the atmosphere joyful.  It was a wonderful place to get married.  And all my best wishes to Roslyn and Melissa, a delightful couple and a joy to photograph.    You go girls!

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  1. Congratulations and best wishes to Roslyn and Melissa.. :)