Monday, October 15, 2012

Dia Day

Dia: Beacon parking lot
For my birthday,  I decided to do something I have never done -- tour Dia:Beacon, the world's largest contemporary museum.  In short, I loved it.  The space and light are beautiful, and I enjoyed the art - particularly those pieces that emphasized repetition and geometry.  Peering through 2 strings strung parallel from floor to ceiling -- I could see a portal to another world (I watch a lot of sci fi...).    I just don't get video, so the basement was less interesting, but tucked up into the attic is an extraordinary monstrous spider by Louise Bourgeois.  Unfortunately, Dia does not allow any photography -- a real shame because the place is so photogenic -- I could have taken a hundred cool shots while I was there.  But I was good and limited myself to "legal" shots -- at the cafe and the ladies' room.  So, inspired by the Dia artists, here's my day:

Cafe table
Cafe table foot
Cafe floor I
Cafe floor II
View out the window
Ladies Room
Stall door
I think I moved the camera too much -- but I like it!

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