Monday, February 4, 2013

Bannerman Island: 2 Ways

Bannerman Island, from the train, with Snapseed app
Same file, processed with PhotoForge
I took this photo with my iPhone from the moving train on my way to Manhattan.  It's actually the best view of Bannerman Island from the land.   One of the most picturesque sites along MetroNorth's Hudson River line, the tiny island has an armory and a residence, both built in the style of a Scottish castle.

Bannerman was kind of an army/navy surplus guy, who bought up a lot of armaments and other artifacts from the Civil and the Spanish American wars.  He built the castle as his armory.  The buildings were abandoned, there was a big fire, and they now stand as ruins.  For more information (or to give a donation to help stabilize the structures!) check out

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