Thursday, February 21, 2013

Winter Dreams: A Book of iPhone Images

Winter Dreams by Mary Ann Glass 

This is my latest book, which features iPhone photos I've taken in the last month.   Most of the images are from Locust Grove, but there are some Connecticut locations as well.  Click on the arrow to flip through the entire book.  Needless to say, it is for sale - you can choose softback/hardback/different paper stock - whatever suits you.

I love making books and find the software relatively easy to use.  An advantage to blurb is that you can designate your book as either private (no one can see it) or public, which places the book in their bookstore.  You set the price, the size yourself.  And you can share it on all the social sites, email, and blogs.  Plus it's fun.

FYI: I'm starting another photography class March 1.  Gentle, personalized instruction. All levels welcome.  All cameras, including smart phones, are ok.  $115 for six weeks instruction.  My schedule is flexible -- I can adjust instruction to meet your schedule!  If interested,  contact me and we'll set it up

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