Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Before & After with the iPhone

The iPhone has become my camera of choice.  It's always with me, and I love the photo apps - so cheap, so easy-to-use, so fun.  And I've enjoyed teaching these tools to iPhone users.  My next workshop is April 24, from 6-8 pm, at RiverWinds Gallery in Beacon, NY.  If you're interested in learning how to bring your iPhone shots up to the next level, contact me for more details.  I promise--you will learn a lot and have fun!

Before iPhone photo apps:

2 charming girls, looking at the Hudson River, taken with my Nikon D7000
After running the image through some phone apps:
For me, this treatment adds a universal element - it's not Jennie and Alice, but the essence of 2 young girls.
Overlooking the Hudson River: photo taken with my Nikon
I like the feeling of age and time in this image
The iPhone apps enable me to express the history of photography - they throw back in time.  I was a history major in college, so I guess this kind of time travel has always appealed to me!

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