Sunday, February 19, 2012

Angels and Madonnas: Intuitive Italy Workshop

Gabriel up high in Spoleto Duomo, Santa Maria Assunto
When I'm in Italy, I'm always on the lookout for angels, saints and Madonnas.  This angel, high up in the ceiling of the Duomo in Spoleto, was captured due to a good long zoom lens!    I'm not sure who the painter was -- several artists worked on the cathedral over the years.  Filippo Lippi painted a fresco series on the Life of the Virgin, which fills the domed apse.  Lippi died shortly thereafter, perhaps poisoned for seducing the daughter of a local noble family.  His tomb, empty now, still lies in the cathedral.  We'll be visiting Spoleto during our workshop this July -- I'm looking forward to revisiting Gabriel and appreciating anew the Lippi frescoes.

Roadside Madonna
Mary is everywhere, and no matter how obscure or damaged her image might be, she always has fresh flowers.  I photograph her whenever I see her.

If you're interested in spending a week in Italy with me and Linda Richichi, a wonderful painter, please feel free to contact me.  We will be there from June 30 - July 7 -- the price, $2475 double occupancy, includes everything but the airfare.  We're calling the workshop Intuitive Italy because we will be using meditation, journalling, demos, critiques, instruction, painting/sketching/photography to help you explore your personal iconography.  Mine includes angels, saints and Madonnas -- what's yours?

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