Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Rainy Day

I have a photo seminar this week and I needed to take some photos to do the show and tell, so I went out today to shoot.  It was rainy -- a good thing because it would give me better color.  I've been looking at the bare trees and shrubs -- the grays and browns are subtle and beautiful -- so that's what I was looking for.
This is Creek Road with Wappingers Creek in the background -- just about 100 yards from where it runs into the Hudson River.  I cropped the image to take out aky and foreground so I can concentrate on what really interested me -- the trunks.
This was in a local cemetery.  Just an hour before a very strong rain had come through with strong winds so the trunks were wetter on one side, making a nice effect.
And this was down a dead end road.

I realize that these may be images only a mother can love -- they are about texture mostly -- and this certainly is not the most beautiful time of year -- it's rather drab and gray out there.  But I'm very pleased with them.

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