Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hudson River Weeds

This photo was taken during a day I was totally uninspired.  My friend Rita -- a very talented photographer --  had come up for the day so we went shooting.  We went to the Madam Brett Park in Beacon, NY.  The day was dull, I didn't see much I liked, I was shooting because I was there and I had my camera and there wasn't much else to do....Then I became interested in the weeds against the water.
And this became one of my favorite shots.  I photoshopped it to give it some grain, which made it pop against the background and gave it a more painterly quality.  I love the colors of the weeds against the dark water.  Compositionally, it's certainly not classic, but I think the colors and the texture carry it through, as well as the rhythm of the weeds, leaning to the left, rather than being straight up.

It's the cover of a book I published  -- Weeds, Water, Thicket, Snow --  which is available on -- and I used it in last year's calendar.  The image is available in any size -- check out my website or my gallery,

I lead Hudson Valley Photo Tours for small groups and for individuals.  We go to the most scenic outlooks for the best light.  If you are visiting the area and want to come home with some beautiful Hudson River scenes, give me a holler.  For more information, see my website,

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