Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hudson River Crew

RiverWinds Gallery and the Wells Fargo Advisors office in Rhinebeck is putting together its next show -- Boats and Bridges.  Four times a year we curate an art show -- paintings and photos -- for their offices.  The show will be hung Tuesday, April 26 and will run for 3 months.  This is one of my pieces for the show:
It's a little hard to see at this size, but those things on the river are crew sculls -- one on the lower left, along with the boat with the coach/barker on it (don't now the technical name for it) and another in the middle right side.  But what makes this photo work for me is the sense of scale - the tiny sculls on the the huge silver Hudson River, the dark colors of the shore on the upper right. It's an eccentric image -- there's a lot of space without detail but for me the constant color modulations pull me through it.

More details about the show will be on the RiverWinds Gallery website next week - and the image is available at the gallery in any size.

I took this image during one of my Hudson Valley Photo Tours -- when you're in the area, make sure you are in the right place in the right light.  For more details, check out my website

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