Friday, April 1, 2011

Pagan Roots: Tuscany & the Basque Country

My friend Galina, a prominent author in the Northern Tradition in the pagan community, recently conducted an interview with me about the upcoming photo tours of Tuscany and the Basque country with an eye on the pagan energy still strong underlying both cultures.  For the complete interview (with photos), click here:

For me, it was an interesting experience to look at my work from a different angle.  Often we are drawn to certain subjects without really analyzing why.  This interview gave me an opportunity to actually, you know, think about what I do!  And, as I know Galina is particularly interested in honoring the dead, we peppered the interview with some of my favorite cemetery images.  For more information about either tour, check out my website,

Flowers at a cemetery
Young girl's grave photo


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