Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shopping Nuns in Leon, Spain

We were in Leon, Spain for a couple of days before beginning our Camino de Santiago pilgrimage when we entered this lovely store on a side street, selling handmade lace and embroidered items.
While Tania was buying a gift, we spied these nuns doing a little window shopping, so this was a quick snap -- I didn't want them to know I was photographing them.  The problem with this kind of shot can be window reflections.  There's a little bit of that here, on the right-side nun, but it doesn't ruin the image.  I like how they are framed by the window and the clothing display and how the pink of the clothing is echoed in the nuns' complexions -- it ties together the disparate elements.  Also there is nothing distracting in the street -- if there had been a red garbage can in the right-hand side, for example, it would drive the eye out of the scene.  But most critical to this image is the emotional element --  the nuns' expressions and absorption in the window display.

Next April we are going back to Spain - -this time to the Basque country in the northeast corner of spain.  We will walk a portion of the camino, visit seaside towns, and end in Bilbao.  For more information, contact

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