Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bottles on the Flatbed Scanner

A friend of mine bought a box of old bottles at a tag sale this weekend. The husband used to collect them, and the widow was eager to clean out her attic, so a sale was born.  I like the look of old bottles -- the shapes, the character of the glass, the imprinted writing and images.  Many of these contained patent medicines, and some are imprinted with name of the doctor and his location, others with the medicine identification.
Can't tell from the scan, but this bottle is octagonal, about 6 inches high. 
Dr. S.A. Tuttle 
Boston, Mass
This may be the oldest and most valuable -- imprinted on the side is an Indian face, and the neck slants in one direction.  On one side is imprinted "Indian Sagwa,"  on the other side "Healey & Bigelow."

The bottles are tinted green in real life - from impurities in the glass..  The scanner picked up more of the irridescence of the old glass.

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