Monday, May 23, 2011

Private Moments at Amy and Mark's wedding at Round Hill

Saturday Christine and I had the pleasure to photograph Amy and Mark's wedding at the Round Hill House, in Washingtonville, NY.  The ceremony began with the signing of the katubah in the front parlor.  After the signing, with friends and family participating, the rabbi took a few moments alone with the couple.  This photo was taken as the door was closing for their private session.
After the signing, the bride and her friends retired to the bridal suite to relax, drink some champagne and spend time together before the outdoor ceremony in the garden.
Both Christine and I remarked that Amy was one of the happiest brides we had seen in 8 years of shooting weddings.  While sitting in the suite, she turned to us and said, "This is how I had always pictured my wedding -- surrounded by all my friends and family."

The rain stopped in time for the ceremony, plenty of food and drinks were served by F.E.A.S.T, and a great band kept the crowd on their feet dancing past midnight.  Lovely wedding.

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