Monday, May 2, 2011

County Fair Photos at Millbrook Winery

I call this Nemo.  It's one of 11 photos I have at the loft at the Millbrook Winery in Millbrook, NY.  Sponsored by the Dutchess County Arts Council -- a really terrific organization -- Art in the Loft features 3 artists at a time in 3 shows from spring through fall.

I took this shot to illustrate the over-abundance of visual stimuli that any county fair offers.  I like the clash of styles -- the modern lemonade, the old-world landscapes on the swing, and of course, multiple Nemos.  I also like the light trail in the upper left corner.  This image has a classical diagonal line composition and the orange/blue/yellow color scheme gives it a lot of energy.

This photo is for sale at the winery, or at my gallery  The complete portfolio of Carnival is on my website

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