Thursday, May 26, 2011

Using the Flatbed Scanner

It's better than a camera.  Place your item on a flatbed scanner.  Using the preview function, decide on the crop.  Leave the cover up to get a black background (and scan in a darkened room).  Scan.  Voila.  These are from my garden.

The scanner picks up detail better than a camera, and the light source that "scans" the image gives a lovely light.  The depth of field, i.e,. how much of the image is in sharp focus, is very shallow, which gives the image depth.

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  1. love it, Mary Ann...can't wait to try this ♥

  2. ooooooh, these are stunning. I especially like the seed pod (i'm guessing that's what it is) but the vibrancy of the colors in the feather is cool too. there's osmething almost eerie about the depth of the background and the way the objects stand out with such pristine clarity.