Thursday, May 12, 2011

Rain Reflections: Spring in Beacon

Right off Old Schoolhouse Road (great name!) is a nature preserve with a short walk around a pond.  I drive by it several times a week.  Looking for shots on a recent rainy day - not heavy, just kind of spitting - I finally stopped and got on the trail.
I'm not sure this is the best photo I've ever taken -- in fact I'm pretty sure it's not -- but it intrigues me.  My favorite part of this image is the tree reflections in the stream broken up by rain circles.  I actually think the weeds on the right side add to the composition -- they add variety and lead the eye into the trees.  Not every shot has to be winner -- as you shoot you benefit from trying different stuff.

If you want to go out shooting with me and try some different locations, give me a holler.  I lead Hudson Valley Photo Tours -- there's more information about that on my website

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