Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vintage Car Details

It's almost impossible not to respond to the beauty of vintage cars, lovingly (and expensively!) restored.   I was talking with a guy who restored muscle cars -- he had put $40,000 into one car, and thought it was now worth about $80,000.

The new chrome, the colors (cars used to come in other colors than grey and silver), and the unique details make these cars sculptural works of art.

Naturally photogenic, the only real challenge to photographing them is to be aware of the reflections and cropping in closely enough to get rid of the busy background of the car shows.

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  1. Lovely photos Mary Ann, but I wish you would put your printed words in a color other than blue. Very difficult to read, esp. when the point size is less than 12. Also, avoid yellow. I tried to post a comment below, but don't know what the hell all the various ways are, so am doing it as anonymous, but this is Ronn Mullins