Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Angels of Tuscany: Gabriel?

Is this Gabriel?
Angels abound in Tuscany -- in stone, terra cotta, oils and tempura. Again, like the Madonnas shown earlier, this is not from a famous artist in a renowned church or museum.  This bas relief was carved by one of local talented anonymous artists that Italy abounds with.

I shot this angel as a portrait.  The details, the subtle colors drew me in -- and, as with Madonnas, I rarely pass up an opportunity to photograph an angel.  I'm always particularly interested in how the wings are portrayed...This is a serious, masculine one who seems to be about to speak.  The smashed nose keeps him from being too beautiful.

This image -- like all the others in my blog and on my website, www.maryannglass.com or at my gallery, www.riverwindsgallery.com -- is for sale and can be printed in any size.  A 4x6 photo in an 8x10 mat is $20.

Join us in Tuscany and Sorrento on our photo tour - Sept 18 - 25 - and collect your own angel portfolio.  For more information about this abfab trip, check out my website, www.maryannglass.com or www.arthistoryalive.com.

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  1. I really like this angel's expression -- he looks like he's been in one heck of a fist fight!

    I love the contours and coloring too...