Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moon Shots

I though I'd add my not-so-great moon shots to the electronic ether.  As everyone seems to know, last night's moon was extraordinarily bright.  So I set my camera to its fastest speed and tried to capture something other than a white circle in a black space.  In my backyard, the moon was screened by the branches of my neighbor's tree, so I used that for 1) a focusing aid and 2) a kind of foreground.
Then, I'm not sure why,  I tried it without sharp focus.  Thought it might be an artsy effect.  Oh well.
I've tried full moon shots for years, and have never been really happy with any of them.  If you use a slower speed to bring in more ambient light, you make an interesting discovery -- the moon moves!  I like to think of my efforts as interesting failures.

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