Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Typical Tuscany: Two Trees

I'm not sure you are allowed to photograph in Tuscany without taking some variation of this photo
This photo was taken along the road between Sienna and Montalcino -- one of the most beautiful areas of Tuscany.  I have cropped this image -- it had a lot of sky and I wanted to concentrate on the landforms.  The eye goes first to the area of greatest contrast -- the two cypress trees at the crest of the hill.  The sweeping dirt road leads one around the image, into the small farmhouse on the upper right.  The triangle mound of the field has just enough color and detail to hold the image together.  The secret to minimalist landscapes like this is the balance between simple forms and interesting details.

This image  -- along with any others in this blog, on my website,, or at RiverWinds Gallery, -- is available for sale in any size.  An 8x18 image in a 10x20 mat would be $95.

Join us in Tuscany and Sorrento this September and take your own great photos of the land and the people.  For more information about our photo tour, check out my website, or

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