Monday, March 7, 2011

Tuscan Golden Road

Sometimes it pays to look around....I was with 2 other photographers and we had marked this road for sunset photos.  The road was narrow and winding.  We found a pull-off and ran out of the car to set up our tripods.  Below us was a field with sunflowers and cypresses.  It was nice.  It was ok.  It wasn't a portfolio shot.  I finally looked up from my viewfinder and looked 45 degrees to my right and saw this glorious scene.
This had to be tightly composed -- directly on the right is the pull off, with our car, with all the doors open -- we hadn't even bothered to shut them in our excitement!  The road leads the eye in and has enough color itself to be beautiful.  It leads to landscape that climbs and changes in detail and color up to the sky.  The trees frame the image and give it some needed foreground and context.

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  1. I love the soft, glowing colors in this image, and the way you made a tough composition work!