Saturday, March 26, 2011

Two Views of Vintage Car Grill

During a Hudson Valley Photo Tour with Nancy, a gifted and serious amateur photographer, the sun was finally up.  We had gotten up at 5 am to photograph at Plum Point in the fog, then driven up  to Poughkeepsie to photograph from the walkway.  She had a couple more hours available, so we went to an antique car show at Locust Grove.  The cars are beautiful and beautifully detailed, with lines and curves that the automotive industry has forgotten how to do.
I loved the gleaming chrome, the perfect paint job and the sleek lines of this car -- please don't ask me what model it is...  This is the color version.
And this the sepia version.  I like them both.  I got the sepia color by going into Photoshop, Mode, Grayscale, Duotone.  In the duotone menu is a quadtone option.  I used that -- they give you a black, and then I did colors that were much toned down from the 4-color standard for printing -- cyan, magenta, yellow and black.  So the magenta is a light salmon color, etc.  I'm not very scientific about this -- I just messed around until I liked the result.

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