Thursday, March 3, 2011

Salute to WinterScapes

Before we say goodbye to winter,  I think we should acknowledge that it was a very beautiful one.  Visually speaking, wouldn't you rather look at snow on the ground than that dead brown stuff?  And aren't the traceries of the trees against the sky beautiful?


Ok, ok - I know this is a minority opinion but since we have four seasons, we might as well enjoy them all.

This photo was taken while I was visiting my brother in Wisconsin.  The light was perfect -- the sky was grey and cloudy so that every detail of the landscape got its full value.  The snow on the ground simplified the shapes and made them stand out like line drawings.  I was first interested in the shapes of the bushes, and definitely wanted to get that great farm with silo in the background.  I used my wide angle lens to get it all in.

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