Saturday, March 5, 2011

Winter FarmScape

One more look at winter...
Both my parents grew up on farms in Ohio, and I often drove for hours through the country, so this kind of landscape is in my blood.   I love photographing the Midwest.  This image has a lot of elements that keep the eye interested.  The diagonal fence leads the eye into the barns, then into the tree, down the field, back to the fence, and around again. I love the field stubble -- at first it looks chaotic, but it falls away to the background in symmetrical rows.  That tree in the back is perfectly placed -- if it were directly over the fence post, the photo would be too static.  The sky is a soft gray - just enough color to harmonize with the snow.  And, as someone in one of my photo workshops once said,  who doesn't like a good barn.

This image  -- along with any others in this blog, on my website,, or at RiverWinds Gallery, -- is available for sale in any size.  An 11x14 image in a 16x20 mat would be $95.

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