Monday, March 28, 2011

Tomb of St. James in Santiago

Having finally arrived in Santiago -- the endpoint of the Camino de Santiago - the weary pilgim enters the cathedral.  Going up a few steps behind the altar, the pilgrim is in a small, gilded space, guarded by a priest.   Looking out into the cathedral is a gilded, bejeweled statue of St. James, the only one of the original Apostles -- other than St. Peter -- buried in Europe.  The tradition is to hug the statue and make a wish. Then one descends a few more steps, goes below the altar, to view the tomb itself.
We were fortunate enough to view the tomb while a priest was saying mass there, so the metal cage was open.  Several people have commented on the pointed ears and peculiar shadow on the head of the priest, giving him a somewhat sinister look.  I have no comment on that.

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  1. This is a gorgeous photo. I love the way the priest is almost in shadow, illuminated by the light from the altar. lovely.